He Predicts Deez Tings: Clark out of WFS 5, Barnes Without Opponent

Leeroy Barnes was expecting to face Dom Clark at Warrior Fight Series 5, at York Hall, London on Saturday, February 13. 

According to a recent Facebook post by UCMMA top dog, Dave O’Donnell, Dom Clark will now be competing on his show on February 6 instead.

O’Donnell posted: “SO MANY GREAT FIGHTS FEB 6th Dom Clark has left the dark side and pies and hits UCMMA 46 welcome back.”

“Dark side and pies” refers to a previous Facebook status rant of O’Donnell ‘s, airing his grievances with Warrior Fight Series’ CEO, Harry Shoebridge. For a more detailed explanation, listen here (01:16).

We reached out to Mr Shoebridge who confirmed that Clark is “Not on WFS (five)”.

While the power move may look good for O’Donnell, it now leaves Leeroy Barnes without an opponent, something he predicted less than two weeks ago.

Barnes let his feelings on the subject be known, posting on a recent status on Dom Clark’s Facebook page: “What sort of unprofessional Bum that expects to get taken seriously by major shows agrees to a fight to only then pull out to fight a Bum on another show?

“I said you would pull out of WFS weeks ago because you aren’t a real fighter you’re a pretender you’re a fucking shit house and embarrassment.”

Leeroy FB Dom Clark

The comment has since been deleted.