KO’s Are The New Black – UFC Hunt Vs. Mir Recap

Walk off KO’s are the new black… Or something. I don’t know. What I do know is Mark Hunt provides some of the best KO’s in the UFC if not MMA, and Saturday night was no different.

By Dom Bury @Domb18

Against a somewhat podgy Frank Mir, Mark Hunt showed at the grand old age of 42 he can still do the business when it matters. The ‘Super Samoan’ landed a big right hand to the side of Mir’s head that put him on his back, dazed and confused and left Hunt walking off before the fight was even stopped.

How the hell did Neil Magny survive the first round against Hector Lombard?


Magny got pulverised by Lombard in the first round of this fight, with Lombard looking like he’d put Magny away. However, Magny is made of sterner stuff than I gave him credit for and, after weathering the storm, he bounced back in round two. Magny was by far the more dangerous fighter in the second round, using his reach to land shots on a clearly tired, yet dangerous Hector Lombard. Midway through the round Lombard dropped Magny but wasn’t able to finish things. During the grappling exchanges, Magny locked in a triangle choke but couldn’t get the submission, he managed to take Lombard’s back in the scramble and pound away for a good 90 seconds without the referee stopping the fight, (much to the chagrin of everyone watching). In the third round, Magny got the takedown early and mounted Lombard, and worked some ground and pound before the referee (this time) stepped in to stop the fight.

Johnny Cage… Sorry, Johnny Case vs. Jake Matthews was a tight affair after the first round, with neither fighter having a clear advantage going in to the second following a standup dominated first round. The second frame started in the same manner until Matthews landed a big liver kick that hurt Case, leading to Case ending up in a near triangle choke before escaping and landing some ground and pound on Matthews before Matthews escaped to his feet and the stand up battle continued. Case was hurt again before the end of the round after eating a  body kick and Matthews diving in on a half hearted guillotine that Case defended as the round ended. Matthews turned up the pressure on Case in the opening of the third round and appeared to be the fresher of the two fighters, landing big punches to the body of Case. Jake Matthews striking forced Case in to some desperate takedowns as the fight went on but Matthews defended them well and after a mistake by Case against the fence, Matthews took Case’s back and had the rear naked choke locked on but Case grabbed the cage to escape, which went unpunished by the referee but Matthews held on to the back position and Matthews eventually sunk in the rear naked choke to get the win.

The Middleweight fight between Daniel Kelly and Antonio Carlos Junior looked to be a squash match for Carlos Junior – judging by his first round dominance of Daniel Kelly, where Carlos Junior had Kelly’s back for the majority of the round. But Kelly came back in the second, landing some significant shots and defending the bulk of Carlos Junior’s take down attempts, forcing him to become laboured in his attacks. The momentum swung to Kelly by the third round, landing a big takedown and laying down some huge ground and pound, forcing the referee to stop the fight two minutes into the third round. Big win for Daniel Kelly.

Steve Bosse vs. James Te Huna provided the first ever death in the UFC… psyche. Although, you’d have to convince anyone watching that Te Huna was still alive after a right hand from Bosse dropped him face first to the canvas at 52 seconds of the first round.

The ‘curtain jerker’ was an entertaining fight between Bec Rawlings and Seo Hee Ham. The first round was a stand up affair, with Rawlings landing the heavier shots and using good head movement to avoid the volume of punches thrown by Ham. The second round saw the first action taking place on the canvas with Rawlings taking Ham’s back and transitioning to an armbar from her closed guard, but Ham avoided the submission attempt and the fighters resumed the striking battle. Rawlings started the third round very laboured and Ham attempted a triangle choke after a sloppy take down attempt from Rawlings, but Rawlings avoided the subsequent submission and got back to her feet. Somehow Rawlings made her way through the third round, despite looking exhausted throughout and came away with the unanimous decision victory.