A few months back, Ronda Rousey’s immediate future figured heavily in the ‘Knee podcasts outlandish 2016 predictions. At the turn of the year, all the MMA media outlets were cock-a-hoop for a glorious UFC 200 for the decorated judoka. I was a lone dissenting voice, predicting we wouldn’t see Rousey in the cage at all in 2016. In the light of her tearful interview on the Ellen show, we might not see her fight again.

One afternoon, while salivating over smoked salmon on soda bread and drinking a dry cappuccino, I heard the lyrics “This is a Maaaans world, and it would be nuffink, nuffink without a woman or a girl…”. This got me thinking two things: first was how Ronda Rousey has helped the female division of this sport leap to new heights, the other was “Why on earth am I in this café?”.