Mario ‘Rudeboy’ Saeed started his submission-heavy mixed martial arts professional career in 2011, with a rear-naked choke victory over Mark Baxter. It was on the show that was to become his home for the next few years: Ultimate Impact.

He went on to amass a record of 8-2 and has fought on shows such as Cage Warriors, earning a second fight name, ‘The Arm Collector’ (four of his wins coming by way of armbar).

Those of you, dear readers, who were at Warrior Fight Series 3 in May will have had the good fortune to see some incredible fights, some mighty victories and some fantastic match ups. You will also have seen Jake George submitting to Jack Duffy in the second round of their amateur match up on the undercard.


If it was your first introduction to George – as it was ours – then although the result might not fill you with confidence, there’s enough substance to this young fighter (currently 4-2-0) to pique some interest.