The term MMA journeyman conjures up images of a grizzled veteran, travelling from show-to-show taking every fight available to them without ever reaching the highest levels of the sport.

Apply that same term to MMA fans and you get the same grizzled veteran travelling from show-to-show, except without ever getting in the cage (usually). A journeyfan, if you will.

Neither get the credit they truly deserve, for without them, this sport simply doesn’t exist.

Whether they’re cheering at cage side, taking selfies with fighters, begging for credentials, misspelling a title or simply smashing a booze or six in the press areaMMA media are as likely to be the topic of discussion as the sport itself.

The media has many facets, in UK MMA we tend to think of the long haired fopp in the ill fitting suit, or the ill conceived blog that nobody actually reads but who ARE the MMA media? And how, if at all, do they differ from say the music industry media?