Every sport has its characters; those brave enough to shun the rules, to turn a blind eye to ethics and morality, to do whatever it takes to get the win. Or the DQ, either is fine. The circus of MMA needs the bad guys and gals, the heel that gets the hero over with the crowd. No promotion can survive without a pantomime villain or two, but what if the entire roster was made up of them? That would be solid gold, wouldn’t it? Welcome to the Badman Fight League, or ‘BFL’ for short.

We look at the very worst the sport has to offer and decide whether or not to sign them into our prestigious organisation.

Many athletes are making the decision to join the ever-growing sport of mixed martial arts – some already made that transition and have become very successful, such as Ronda Rousey. One athlete that comes to mind who is more than capable of making that transition is Kent-born muay Thai fighter, Charlie ‘Boy’ Peters.

This isn’t a Mark Lawrenson opinion – it’s much worse, it’s mine.