For a sport that has been built upon an extensive history of extreme physical aggression, it is a welcome gesture that the UFC are willing to make a stand against domestic violence. Cutting Will Chope from Fight Night 38 in Brazil last month, with mere hours to go before he entered the Octagon made quite the statement about where the UFC stood on the matter. The revelations that prompted his exclusion included alleged death threats and physical violence against his former wife, which eventually led to him spending five months in prison and being dismissed from the US Airforce.

This week Chope posted a video of himself and his ex-wife discussing their relationship, the allegations against Chope, and where they hope things go from here. Immediately after he learned of his contract being terminated (through the medium of Twitter, apparently) Chope swiftly issued an apology and an explanation – in which he comments that he has been told that the UFC has a zero tolerance policy on domestic violence. And so they should, so should we all. But do they really?