I awake from my first full night of restful sleep this week. Every other night this week has been disrupted by hunger pangs and bouts of nervousness. Praise be to whatever fictional deity you want, my children have let me sleep past 7. I know Grandma is coming to pick them up in an hour, so I make a pan of honey and banana porridge, all the while realising the next time I see them I could have a horribly battered face.

On Monday the news broke that former UFC Lightweight champion, Benson ‘Smooth’ Henderson had officially joined the Bellator roster after having fought his last contracted fight with the UFC against Jorge Masvidal in November 2015. With this move, Henderson has become easily the highest ranked and highest profile fighter to make the jump from the UFC to Bellator in recent years, if not ever.

The only difference between Paul Daley and his nickname, ‘Semtex’, is that the latter was hard to detect up until quite recently, whereas Paul Daley’s been on a lot peoples radars for a long time now. Not necessarily for positive circumstances, but in the MMA world is it ever usually? The English fighter – whose record is 37-13 – has been around the MMA scene long enough to earn himself 27 stoppages inside the cage, as well as an array of misdemeanours both inside and out. ‘Semtex’ seems fitting, doesn’t it?

Mario ‘Rudeboy’ Saeed started his submission-heavy mixed martial arts professional career in 2011, with a rear-naked choke victory over Mark Baxter. It was on the show that was to become his home for the next few years: Ultimate Impact.

He went on to amass a record of 8-2 and has fought on shows such as Cage Warriors, earning a second fight name, ‘The Arm Collector’ (four of his wins coming by way of armbar).